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Managed web hosting you can trust

You can rely on our managed hosting service whether you’re launching a small project or a massive, complex system. All of our plans offer the fastest scalable hardware and network infrastructure to ensure your website is always running as fast as possible. Meanwhile, our rock-hard security solutions keep you and your customers’ data safe.

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All of our Clouds include:

We believe in a faster and more secure internet. These features come as standard on all our plans..

Account Dashboard

Integrated dashboard with your account status, payment details and website performance analytics.

Global CDN

Top-of-the-line content delivery network forthe lowest response times worldwide.

Dedicated Firewalls

Application-level firewalls that block potential attacks and spam on your website.

High-Speed Cache

Memcached, Varnish and Redis support optimized for WordPress and Drupal keep your website at the bleeding edge.

SSL Certificates

Let’sEncrypt SSL certificates keeps your website secure while ticking all the boxes for HTTPS.

Daily Backups

We manage your backups so your website is always in the best hands, including monthly off-site backups.

Infinite scalability with a global infrastructure

Our Cloud server architecture is designed to allow your digital project to grow seamlessly.
You’ll never need to “switch” servers due to technical limitations. Instead, we can add additional computing resources on-the-fly with zero maintenance or downtime required.

Scalable Servers

The Cloud server infrastructure provided by our hosting partners allows seamless, infinite scalability. Upgrade your plan, tack on additional units of RAM, storage space or unlock more bandwidth at a moment’s notice with zero delay or additional work required.

We’ll simply add the additional computing costs to your next invoice.

Global CDN

Our Global CDN places content delivery nodes across the world, allowing cached versions of your website and its assets to be served without delay.

Using a powerful CDN has a second benefit - your website’s assets tend to be the most bandwidth-intensive items, so offloading them to a third party increases both your site speed and lowers your server’s load.

Websites migrated to our servers have had their load times reduced by up to 60%

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