We Manage Digital Change

We help companies take control of their digital future. 

Web Development

We build responsive websites that are designed to work on any device. Our projects range from simple marketing websites to complex user driven portals and e-commerce environments.

Digital Consultancy

With +10 years experience in digital development, e-commerce and digital marketing talk to us about your business needs.

Online Strategy

We help individuals and companies manage their digital transformation. We work with you to develop a successful digital roadmap.

Projects & Clients

We start by understanding your needs.

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Every project that we take on is unique. 

We deliver successful digital projects by implementing our tried and tested digital project management process, and by facilitating effective communication with your key stakeholders. 

 Call us today to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific business requirements.

Our Adaptive Project Technology (APT) ensures success

We manage each project using our unique Adaptive Project Technology (it's our secret sauce).

Adaptive Project Technology (APT) combines best practices from the Agile and Prince2 project management systems. It enables us to manage any project to completion while ensuring greater creative flexibility throughout the project. We agree specific project deliverables and then run a series of iterative development sprints to reach the next project milestone.

APT is a robust digital project management technology that ensures that each project is flexible enough to evolve, while ensuring the timely completion of each digital project.

Our development process makes us special.

APT enables us to provide our clients with well defined project scope, achievable timelines, distinct project milestones that are tied to mutually agreed deliverables while leaving creative flexibility within each development stage. 

1. Research - Discover your business needs 25%

2. Specification - Describe it in great detail 50%

3. Build - Design & code your digital solution 75%

4. Test & Deploy - Launch your website  100%

  • We meet with your key stakeholders to sign the contract. We will discuss our draft timeline and talk about your business needs. You will need to assign a project manager who will be responsible for signing off on each project phase.

  • We get started on the creation of your research document. Essentially we carefully record the needs of your business, your key stakeholders and your users. We normally test our understanding by exploring user journeys and user personas. This phase will often involve a number of meetings with your stakeholders and user groups.

  • Our clients will need to meet their payment milestones on time to ensure that work continues on schedule.

    Each project phase is marked as accepted when the milestone payment is received”. On receipt of your payment the project timeline is updated and work continues.

  • Once you are happy that our research is complete and that we have a full understanding of your requirements, we get to work on your specification documents. These normally include your Information Architecture, Browser Specification, Content Design & Functional Specifications.

  • On acceptance of the Specification Phase and associated deliverables your second payment milestone will become due.

  • Based on our agreed specification we then proceed with the design of your website and the building of your codebase.

    We build your website design and functionality at the same time and give your project manager real time access to the development environment as it progresses so that spot decisions can be made as we progress.

  • Once we have completed the development of your platfrom your 3rd payment will then become due.

  • Your Website is now ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Essentially you will test your new website against our mutually agreed specifications. It's time to make sure it does what it says on the tin.

  • We plan for a phase of minor changes and functionality fixes.

    We work within the allotted development time and make sure we resolve the priority issues first.

  • On completion of UAT and our final development iterations the final payment becomes due.

  • We advise our clients to start preparing their new content well before we get to the content entry phase. It will save you time and make sure you go live on time.

  • Your website has been on its Live Server since we completed milestone 4.

    All that remains is to remove the password that keeps it hidden and your website is set live.

We build long term relationships with our clients

We provide our clients with a complete digital management solution, We creating technical solutions to resolve business needs and help companies put in place strategies to ensure digital success.

Here are the top 3 items that we believe are important to our clients and that we deliver.

A direct & honest communication style.

We try to keep our language simple and non techy and we don't play word games. 
  • If we think something is a great idea, we will say so. 
  • If there is a better solution, we let you know.
  • If there is a problem, we let you know. 
  • If we don't have an answer, we don't make one up.
  • If there is an elephant in the room, we won't try and hide it.
  • If we can write it down in a list, we do.

We think this helps us get things done effectively.
 It saves us time which saves you money.

We take no hostages.

Almost every company we speak to has had the unfortunate experience of being locked into a relationship with a web developer who has some special knowledge of their website. 

Essentially your business becomes a hostage. It puts strain on a working relationship and ultimately the relationship will fail.

We don't do that. (Here comes another list.)

  • We only use globally recognised open source content management systems  that come from well supported development communities such as Drupal and WordPress.
  • We stick to the standard development practices used by these CMS's ensuring that any developer can quickly understand how your site is configured.
  • We avoid bespoke development when it comes to functionality. 99.9% of what you need has already been created so why re-invent the wheel at great expense .
  • If we have to build a new feature, we document the Hell out of it for you.
  • We identify the risks to your business with regards to Digital and mitigate accordingly. 
  • We make sure that you always hold the keys to your hosting and domain names and that you have disaster recovery procedures in place.

There are things we care very deeply about...

We thought we would make a list and add to it from time to time.
  • Happy Clients
  • Talent & Creativity
  • Attention to Detail
  • Freedom & Reason
  • Time & Travel
  • Friends & Family
  • Honesty & Self Motivation
  • Evolution & Paradigm

Well defined project milestones

Clearly defined deliverables and project milestones are the key to running a successful project. 

We break every project into at least 4 project milestones. We agree a set of project deliverables and a project timeline. 

This way we ensure that you are completely happy with the progress of your project and that there are no nasty surprises lurking in your future. 

Unlike many development companies, we don't require up front payments. 

You only make a payment to us when we deliver a project milestone. We don't think it makes sense to take your money unless we are giving you something first.


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We start with your specific business needs and then create a mobile friendly website that delivers an amazing user experience.

Beautiful Clean Design

The design team that will work on your project is hand picked for your project based on your aesthetic needs. 

Easy to use CMS

The website's we build are easy to use and require no special programming knowledge to make content changes.

Search Engine Optimized

The content you create needs to be highly visible to Google and other search engines.. so we make sure it is.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We provide a web monitoring and maintenance service for our clients ensuring that your website is always live and running at peak performance..

Newsletter Management

We can help you manage your newsletters, subscriptions as well as with sending beautiful emails to your clients. Talk to us about our MailChimp and Mandrill integration.

E-Commerce & Online Sales

Need to sell your house, your boat your services or memberships? We build fluid professional sales environments. 

Mobile Data Collection Tools

We build and implement  mobile (Android)  data collection tools which are used all over Africa to collect and monitor the spread of disease and the effect of the CHC AHEAD methodology.  

Live Statistical Charts and Realtime Data Presentations 

We build charts and calculation tools that help users understand statistical data. Talk to us about your data presentation requirements.

Open Source & Licence Free

We believe that open source, licence free software is the future. It's cost effective, ideologically sound and well documented.

Clean Fast Code

We make sure that your code is clean, and that your website is fast.

Well Documented

The last thing you need is a website with no documentation. We make sure you have all the info you need to manage your website yourself if you want to.

Continuous Website Improvement

Our development process in conjunction with our development, staging and live servers make continuous improvement to your website a streamlined process. 

Social Marketing & Advertising 

We can better integrate your website with Facebook so that you can target likeminded people with your message. We can show you how... or run your entire campaign for you.

Google Analytics Integration

Knowing how your website is being used will help you improve your communication. We can integrate and monitor your analytics to offer you insights.

Google Map Integration

Need a Directory type website with multiple users adding their own location based content? No problem. We will integrate directly with google maps.

CLoudFlare CDN Integrated

As standard practice we like to integrate with the Cloudflare CDN to accelerate and protect your website.

Amazing Features & Functions

Because we develop websites off the back of the open source community we can implement fantastic functionality, often without having to build it from scratch.

Hosting & Domain Name Management

We provide superb cloud hosting for our clients via Pantheon and manage the registration of domain names through our Enom account.

Social Network Integration

Let's get your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts all firing away each time you add news to your website. Grow your community and create an accessible highly focussed marketplace.

Gmail for Business

We love Gmail for Business. Gone are the days of clunky old email servers. With Gmail you send from your own domain name, have all your mail beautifully stored online and have access to all the other Google collaboration tools and apps. We would be lost without it.

SSL - Secure Websites

HTTPS and SSL are fast becoming a standard requirement for today's internet. We implement Certificates and configure websites to facilitate SSL.

Community Hubs and Industry Portals

We currently manage the Crew HQ Yachting industry website. It's a massive community with global reach. Have us build you a community of your own.

Professional Portfolio / Brochure Sites

Whether it's image galleries or video content, we build mobile friendly websites that you will be proud to share. 

Have a digital project you want to discuss? 

The websites we build

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Websites should provide a great user experience, should work on all devices and should make you proud to advertise it.

Image Gallery & Video

Website's come to life with video and imagery. So why wouldn't we have that as standard.

Unlimited Content Pages & Users

We don't count the number of pages you want or the number of users who manage your website. 

100% Responsive Layout

So much traffic comes from mobile phones and portable devices that it's vital your website is mobile friendly.

Clean Code

We love clean fast code and build our websites with great care.

Clean Modern Design

Your website should be beautiful, accessible and it should be easy to use.

SEO Optimized

We make sure that your content is visible to search engines and that you can access real time statistics on your web traffic.

Built for growth

We know you will grow and that your needs will change. We build websites that can grow with you and enable you to add functionality as you need it.

It's time you got yourself a proper website.
Have a digital project you want to discuss? 


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