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The 3 top reasons our clients need Managed Hosting

Overtone managed web hosting

There are 3 main reasons out clients use our services for managed hosting.
Once you understand their reasoning please give us a call and tell us yours.. We would love to provide you our services too.

So.. here we go..

Reason Number 1 - Support when you need it most.

"The lights never go off in the middle of the day.." its always in the middle of the night, during a moment of crisis or at a time that you need to be performing at your best. With the Overtone Managed hosting solution we provide you with ongoing support as you need it, we get to know you, your business and your team and build up a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. When you need help you are never on your own with Managed Hosting. We already have all the information we need to fix your issue and are probably resolving it before you even notice that it was there in the first place.

Overtone provide our managed hosting service on a monthly basis and you set the ammount of monthly support you require for your basic server maintenance, and CMS updates. We then get on with the job each month leaving you free to focus on your business.

Reason Number 2 - Lower Risk
It's vital that your website has its security updates applied each month, and the same goes for your webserver. Most businesses we talk to with the best intentions they may have at the start, fail to keep their websites and servers up to date. As websites and servers go out of date they become vulnerable to malicious attacs, spam and general failure. With our team managing your monthly updates for you, you can stop worrying and get on with the job at hand.

Reason Number 3 - A faster website

A faster website is a better website.. a faster website gives you better SEO performance and in turn will cost you less on your online advertising campaigns. Our clients benefit from our lighting fast cloud servers which see their website run about 30% faster once we migrate them onto our servers. After we complete our optimisations websites continue to improve.
Our managed hosting service ensures that your website performs at the best of its ability and continues to improve each month.

Talk to us about your project, be it old or new we are able to help you get your website up to speed and keep it there.

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